Bertan machines, since 1970
making history!

The Bertan is a company marked by a history of success. A difficult path, but laden with victories! In 1970, Sinézio Bertan began operations in an old wooden workshop. The sale at the beginning if entered into in Morro da Fumaça, host city of the business. With great demand, Sinézio and his sons did not care to produce the machines. So, began to acquire machinery to help make production faster and with higher quality. In 1985 he left the metallurgical Lantana in the hands of the four children and pursued in new ventures. In 1990 the brothers Antonio and Olívio decided to expand the business, building a new headquarters for the production of the machines Bertan. Currently installed in a modern headquarters is Bertan and wide, always seeking the best care for their customers.


Bertan machines are manufactured with quality from the design to the finish,
giving security and developing the best solutions according to the needs of their friends customers.