Vacuum extruder

Vacuum extruder is the machine that receives the clay milled, its function is to extract through vacuum pump air, compress and extruding the dough into its final form, being them in chunks or sticks for ceramic tiles, press has 2 axes with hammers forcing the clay for a grid where the vacuum, removing all air from the process enabling a better compression , elasticity and resistance of the ceramic product mass is estrusada by a doughnut called snail forcing the same pass through the array or mold in the shape of the ceramic product


EB 29508 to 13 TON/H29560hp2,050 Kg
EB 32512 to 17 TON/H32575hp2,350 Kg
EB 35015 to 21 TON/H350 mm100hp to 125HP2,700 Kg
EB 43025 to 35 TON/H430 mm150hp to 175HP4,500 Kg
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